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Nic after the show

'Cause I want to be a woman
livin', lovin', givin', kind, a woman
dressed so fine, and looking kind, a woman
I want a sex change operation
the ladies room is my destination
I'm hanging out with the boys
my penis my choice
'cause I want to be a woman

Last Updated: 22nd July 2003

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  • There are rumours that Nic is playing bass on Evan Dando's Australia tour. Check out Evan's Site for more details.


  • 22nd July 2003:
    • Sneeze have been recording songs for their new album.
    • Godstar's September has been rereleased, as has Coastal (included bonus live cd). Visit Half A Cow Records for more details.
  • Lost The Spirit To Rock N Roll will be released in the UK and Europe on August 12th by Fire Records.
  • Two new bands, Deezleteens and Booster Valves, both featuring Nic Dalton and Tom Morgan, are about to release 7". For more details visit Half A Cow
  • GODSTAR's "Coastal" is due for re-release in August with 4 extra tracks from the two cd singles and a bonus disc of related 4 tracks and live stuff! Godstar may play a few Australian shows around the time of this release.
  • Any problems or comments about the site, email any other address listed probably won't work.
  • SNEEZE have a new EP out. It's called "Maybe Moving In Together Wasn't Such A Good Idea" and features 7 previously unreleased tracks.
  • "Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll", SNEEZE's 3rd album is OUT NOW! It has been released on CD and will soon be released on double vinyl with 7 extra tracks. For more info and the latest in all things Sneeze check out Gesundheit - The Sneeze Web Site (that site is updated more often than here). Buy it now from Half A Cow.
  • Half A Cow Records have re-release the PLUNDERERS Banana Smoothie Honey. It's on a double CD with a bunch of great stuff. Check out the HAC site for more details..or click here for the little story. It's out on Novembere 13th.
  • GIRL'S WITH MONEY's Secret Techniques is out now!! For more information visit the GW$ page or contact Blind Records.
  • Spanish record label, Elefant Records, has released a LOVE POSITIONS 7" titled Sad But True. It contains 6 songs taken from Billiepeebup: 'Whereabouts', 'Don't Slow Down', 'Throwaway', 'Glad It's All Over', 'Something Strange' and 'Into Your Arms'.
  • Romolo 86-88 by NIC DALTON. New album out on HAC, recorded on 4 track when Nic was in The Plunderers and Love Positions. Only available from the Half A Cow Web Site.

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